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Information for Patients

1. What can I expect?

2. What will it cost?

Prior to 1st November 2017 all 70 year olds were entitled to a Medicare rebate. The government has now amended this arrangement and from 1st November 2017 entitlement to the Medicare rebate for over 70 year olds will not be guaranteed. All patients 70 years and over are eligible for an initial scan. Patients over 70 years who are eligible for rebate & are non-concession card holders will be required to pay $150 on the day of the appointment and they will receive the rebate of $95.35 back the next business day.

If you’re under 70 without a concession/pension card there is an upfront payment of $150. If you are eligible under a Medicare Item number you will receive a rebate back from Medicare the next business day of $95.35.

If you’re under 70 with a concession/pension care but aren’t eligible for a Medicare item number the cost will be $90.

All patients have an out of pocket cost of $70 if the Vertebral Fracture Assessment is requested.

3. How long will it take?

Most tests take no more than 20 minutes.

4. What does a bone density test tell you?

A bone density test is the only way to detect osteoporosis. The test can measure bone strength in various sites of the body – hip, spine, wrist.

The bone density test can:

5. How do I understand the results?

Your T-Score compares your bone density to a healthy person of the same gender in their 20s. The following guidelines have been established by the World Health Organisation (WHO):

NORMAL T-Score above -1.0
LOW BONE MASS (Osteopenia)
T-Score -1.0 to -2.5
T-Score at or below -2.5
T-Score at or below -2.5 with one or more osteoporotic fracture

Your Z-Score compares your bone density to people of the same age and gender. For example, if your Z-Score is 0, your bones are average for your own age and gender.

6. How do I make an appointment?

See your doctor for a referral, then give us a call on (08) 8293 8349 or email

7. Where are the clinics?

See your doctor for a referral, then give us a call on (08) 8293 8349 or email